Treeing Walker Coonhounds

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I may have an older pup for sale.


Great Looking, Quality, Treeing Walker Coon Hounds!


bobwire and angus at the ukc world bench show


CH 'PR' B and B's Bradley Bobwire is far left  and Angus is on the far right 2 dogs from our kennel has made it to the 2010 UKC World Bench Show! and one won! Only goes to show we have great looking quality treeing walker coonhounds.


B AND B Kennels is owned by, Alan and Cristy Bauer of Vienna, MO and Buck and Shirley Bauer of Versailles, MO. Buck and Alan are Father and Son. 


 We have both hunting and show quality hounds.  Buck has had hounds since the 1950’s and Alan has hunted with him since he was a kid.  Buck has competition hunted some when he was younger and Alan has competition hunted a little, but feels the bickering and fussing takes the fun out of listening to the dogs do their thing.


  B and B Bradly Bobwitre wins ukc World Treeing Walker male

News Flash!

CH 'PR' B and B's Bradley Bobwire, a three year old, wins UKC World Treeing Walker Male! 

Below is our other entry in the 2010 UKC World - Angusangus


Look! AJ & The New litter of Annie Pups!

New litter of Annie treeing walker coonhound pups


Kennel Contents:

  • CH 'PR' B and B's Bradley Bobwire
  • B&B's Angus
  • Diamond Ridge King of Diamonds
  • Rock: the Grand Show Champion stud
  • Annie:  Grand Show Champion
  • Fancy: Grand Show Champion
  • Puppies: new litter of Annie pups!
coonhound puppiesboy and pup